Where Do Plants Get Their Energy?


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All the previous answers are largely incorrect. Plants don't get their energy from soil or music or whatever else.
Plants unlike animals, don't need to feed off other organisms to aquire their energy. They are autotrophs - meaning they create their own energy from inorganic materials. They do this through a process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Here, various reactions within the plant cells occur involving primarily - WATER and CARBON DIOXIDE. Plants use the energy from SUNLIGHT which they absorb through their leaves, to fuel these reactions. The products of photosynthesis are carbohydrates, which the plant uses as its primary energy source.
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Obviously plants get their energy from the sun.This is all because of photosynthesis.
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Plants get a lot of there energy from the suns rays and from the water they drink
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Nutrients through the soil, sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, all these things make the food that they make within themselves  
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From all the resources that are all around them, in combination, the air, sun, water, soil, and nutrients, and wind, combine to make the plant a living thing. Hope this helps.

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