What Are The 6 Branches Of Technology?


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As the question is in the information technology section it is understood you are wishing to know the 6 branches of information technology.

6 branches of information technology can be:

• Computer Science
• Information Technology
• Communication
• Computer Engineering
• Information
• Programming

Due to this being a common homework question, it is highly advised that you do more research yourself. If you are taking IT as a subject you are sure to have been given textbooks that will most probably have a list of the branches of technology in it. Also there will be many computer-related books to be found in your school or local community library.

Homework is set to help with your research skills and to also add extra knowledge. Due to the easy availability of the internet many students will now choose to simply find the answer from someone else rather than do the required research and then come up with their considered answer.

You will find when it comes to exams; the students who have done proper research during the year will have a lot more knowledge than the ones who may have taken the answer straight from another source.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes when it comes to education and the more work you put in, the better grade you should come out with.
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