What Is The Main Difference Between Bacterial Cell And Protozoa Cell?


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Protozoa are the most primitive animals, the lowest such a class of animals, they are mostly single cell organisms. From the functional point of view, the cell protozoan is a complete organism, it has a complete multi-cellular animal life functions, such as nutrition, respiration, excretion, reproduction and response to external stimuli, so that from the cell level constitute the protozoan cell is the most complex cell differentiation.

Prokaryotes is the absence of mature intimal system (mainly no nuclear membrane) in the biological, common, such as algae, bacteria

The main difference is that they have no clear nuclear membrane (prokaryotes substance though not in the nuclear membrane, but there is a proposed nuclear, genetic material (DNA chain), there exists here) then that is very simple prokaryotic organelles, generally only ribosomal , and native biological cells is a more complete.

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