What Are The Names Of All The Long Short Flat And Irregular Bones In The Human Body?


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Basically there are 206 bones on average in a human body and they are classified in five types which you have mentioned above. To name all of the 206 bones is next to impossible there but I will give you details of all of the examples of these bones one by one.

The five categories of bones in human body starts with long bones which includes the three bones of fingers, carpal, tarsal, metatarsal, and metacarpel . Second types of bones are short bones which are cube-shaped they include the bones of the wrist and ankle. Third category of bones is known as Flat bones and they are usually thin bones for example, bones of the skull and sternum. After Flat bones, Irregular bones come which do not come under the above mentioned categories. These bones include the bones of spines and hips. The last category of bones is known as Sesamoid bones which include bones embedded in tendons like patella and the pisiform.


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