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A county town of Cheshire, Chester is located in North West England. The town is built on the River Dee and is close to the Wales border. It is one of the country's best-preserved walled cities. It is the major settlement of the local government district in the City of Chester. This ancient city dated back almost two millennia to the Roman times when it was called Deva. There are many relics from the Roman era which have endured till date. These include parts of original Roman walls, a strongroom from the 'principia', and street patterns in certain areas.

The city has a rich history and culture. Chester is quite a popular shopping destination. It has unique 'Rows' or galleries which are essentially two levels of shops, dating from medieval times. Retail, tourism and financial services are the city's chief industries. Cestrian is the adjective that is associated with this city. Saint Werburgh is known as the patron saint of the city. Nowadays the Duke of Westminster owns a substantial area of land in Chester.
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Chester is the name of a town in located in Cheshire of England. It is a county town and is the capital of the County of Cheshire. It is based on the Dee River and is close to the Wales border. It is considered as a well-preserved walled city in United States. It is an old city that has been in existence since the time of the Romans. It was ruled by Vespasian in the 79 A.D. and was known as 'Deva' or "Deva Victrix" during those days.

Today it is a budding town and the major proportion of people residing in the City of Chester are from this town. Cestrian is an adjective that is associated with Chester. Saint Werburgh is the name of the patron saint of this town. This place had a population of 80,121 inhabitants according to the census taken in the year 2001. "Let the Ancients worship the Ancient of Days", is the motto of this place.
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There is also a Chester some 50 miles SW of Charlotte ,N.C.
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In SE Pennsylvania

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