Where Is Doncaster Located?


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Doncaster is in the county of South Yorkshire in England. It is the largest settlement in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster. It is colloquially referred to as Donny. It is very close to Sheffield just 20 miles apart. Doncaster has not yet been granted city status in spite of its history and considerable size. Several applications to this effect have been turned down.

The Metropolitan borough of Doncaster is home to a population of around 290,000. Doncaster the town along with Kirk Sandall, Amthorpe and Bentley have a total population of 67,977 as per the findings of a census taken in 2001. With regards to population Doncaster ranks fifteenth in the UK. The wider borough was originally a centre of communication and slowly grew owing to the success of the coal mining industry. Doncaster is linked to many parts of England and this is the reason why it continued to flourish even after the coal mines closed down in the 1970s and 1980s. In modern times Doncaster has been home to several tertiary industries.

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