What Is The Weather Like In China?


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I live in south China, Guang dong province, known well for it's industry.
Weather today, hot ! Hot enough to eager for cool drink every moment.
Actually I don't like the weather here, rain all the time at Mar. To April, wet weather make me irritate.
Hot when it reach June to Novembre, the hot hot summer stay, I can't stand the heat for such a long time!!
Autumn, my favorate time, but just last no more than a month, then winter comes.
Winter no that cold, no snow, just some cold wind.
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It depend on the region you are in the north as sub zero temperature which are winter conditions and the south is fairly warm
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China is located in South-East Asia, with a coastline that is buffed by the Pacific Ocean on its Western side. Bordered by twelve countries - Korea, Russia, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Bhutan,  Nepal, Burma, Laos and Vietnam - China is one of the largest countries on earth.

Weather in China is extremely variable, depending on the region you are visiting. The North experiences sub zero temperatures and winter conditions. Harbin, in North East China, will experience average temperatures of as little as -23C with lots of snow. In contrast, Guangzhou in the South is much warmer - with temperatures regularly hitting the 30's.  

For more location specific and month-specific temperature, rainfall and snowfall information check out china's temperature chart

China is an amazing holiday destination which is well worth a visit, for attractions such as Mount Everest and the Great Wall of China.

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