What Is Japan's Climate Like?


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There is a vast difference in the climate in the different areas of Japan and you can find that northern part is completely in contrast to that of the southern part of the country. There are six principal climatic zones that exist in Japan and each of them has a different attribute.

Hokkaido is the northernmost zone with temperate climate. Its winters are long and quite cold and summers also make you feel cold.

Another climatic zone is Sea of Japan and heavy snow fall is its prime attribute. But it's also known for very hot temperature which is the result of the Fohn Wind phenomenon.

The Central Highland is a climatic zone which is typical of inland. It has vast difference between the temperatures in winter to that of during summer.

The other climatic zones are Seto Inland Sea, Pacific Ocean and Southwest Islands. The Southwest Islands is known to have hot summers and warm winters as well.
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