Do We Need The Moon?


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The moon is very important to the earth we live in fact if it was not for the moon the world would be a very different place as it shaped the countries we live on this is because the moons gravitational pull moves the tide in the sea and has been doing so since water has been on earth there are many other reasons but I'm not sure of what they are hope this helps
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Four and a half billion years ago… another planet smashes into the Earth sending a huge chunk of molten rock out into space which coalesces into a planetoid 1/4 the size of the Earth… which we now call, the Moon.
As a result of the collision large amounts of Iron ore are raised to the Earth's surface… which together with carbon and sulphur, are critical to the production of the building blocks of life... In the form of nucleic acids.
The Earth is spinning so fast that a day only lasts five hours… but the new Moon's gravitational field starts to slow the Earth down eventually, to a 24 hour day. Oceans form as the earth cools down and the pull of the Moon drags the water around the globe in the form of tides. The tidal action of washing and drying creates chemical reactions which form RNA… more life building essentials.
As the Earth slows down the Moon speeds up and moves away to it's current position (but it's still moving away at a rate of 3cm a year). The Moon stabilises the Earth keeping it inclined at 23.4 degrees. This in turn enables the Sun's light to be evenly spread across the Earth (so no place is either critically too hot or too cold) and creates the seasonal cycle, vital to the life process.
The Moon protects the Earth, attracting meteors and comets, away from it. The far side of the Moon is far more littered with impact craters, than the side we see.
Without the Moon… the Earth would wobble on its axis and eventually tip over, (which we now believe happened to Mars). The Moon regulates the seasons, the weather patterns and even the cycles of life itself, on Earth.
The Moon takes 27.32 days to orbit the Earth… but it also takes exactly the same amount of time to rotate on it's own axis… so the Moon appears not to rotate at all, keeping the same face, toward us.
The Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon… but it's also 400 times further away, so they both appear exactly the same size in the sky above, giving us a perfect Solar eclipse.
We now know, there are large amounts of water in the form of ice at the Lunar poles. Everything we need to build a base on the Moon and manufacture materials.. Is already there.
If we placed solar panels on the Moon in permanent Sunlight… and beamed the energy back to Earth in the form of microwaves… we'd have a limitless supply of electrical energy.
We could do this now, for the same cost that oil company's spend over two to three years extracting oil from the Earth!
I've always loved the Moon. The Moon is magical. The Moon created us, protects us and holds the answer to our survival. And in a billion years time, when the Moon has moved too far away, the Moon will destroy us… because without her, life cannot survive on the Earth.
The ancients knew the power of the Moon… modern man knew it, only too briefly. We need to re-discover the Moon.
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I am not sure. Some say yes, some say no. I have been trying to answer this question for a week and a half, but all I found are some facts.
1. Without the moon, we would still get tides
2. Without the moon, it would be very hard for complex life to live
3. The moon has nothing to do with evolution or continued existance.
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Yes, because without it, women's menstrual cycles would go haywire. Also if you were an explorer in the 1400s, you would need to know when lunar eclipses are going to happen in order to gauge longitude without using clocks. BTW our moon and Jupiter's moon Iapetus are the only moons in our solar system which are fixed to face their host planet all the time... To see the dark side of our moon, you need to send a satellite up there to take pictures. Jupiter's moon Iapetus is almost perfectly half white and half black! If you look at it through a telescope, you see this funny looking black half ball floating in front of Jupiter!
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We don't need the moon it's not that important if we turned away from the sun it would still be dark
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"Need"? The moon is not *required* for life or anything... It's just a "nice to have." It provides us cool things like tides and gave the early people on earth their first months. Also having the moon lets us know when it is a good time to go fishing.
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For the real answer.....
We need or not .... The world need it....
You will know why when the world is about to destruct...
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The moon is the real cause of having tides...we need moon a lot.....its not just a beauty but it is the
gift of ALLAH to us so how can we say it have no importance....
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We don't need the moon it does nothing but erode the earth. If the tide keeps erodeing the earth they will be no earth so no we don't need the moon....
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Yes we certainly do. It controls the tides and if it didnt do that the earth would flood. Rethink the blowing up.
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Holy crap peopl's.. Yes we need teh moon - The moon needs us too. Love the moon, she gives us tides and helps with gravity and stuff..

NASA can tell us more ..

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