What Do Astronomers And Scientist Believe The Sun Is Composed Of?


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Our sun is a big, bright ball composed of hot gases. The most common elements of which our sun is made are hydrogen, helium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron. The is a kind of atomic furnace. The process is complicated indeed, but, basically, hydrogen gas in the sun is transformed into helium. Four atoms of hydrogen unite to make one atom of helium, and in the process much energy is released.
The surface temperature of the sun is said to be about 11,000° F. (6,000° C.). But because of its great distance from the earth only about one two-billionth (one two-thousand-millionth) of its radiant energy reaches the earth. Yet this amount is fully sufficient to provide ideal climatic conditions that make vegetable and animal life on earth possible.
If just a fraction of the sun's fantastic amount of energy could be harnessed, man would solve his major problems with regard to heating and transport. If man knew how to use it effectively, it has been said that the sun could provide one and a half horsepower of energy for every square yard of the earth on which the sun shines.
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The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic, nuclear furnace. Where hydrogen is built into helium, at a temperature of millions of degrees.
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Hydrogen and helium are the main elements. I found this same question already in the Blurtit archive, and the answer is so complete that you might like to look at it - please click here.

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