Where Is Alaska Located?


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Alaska is situation right at the top left of the United States on the map, and could easily be mistaken for Canada. In fact, Alaska has a longer coastline surrounding it than any of the other US states combined. It's truly huge. Furthermore, Alaska is the only non-contiguous US state within the whole North American Continent. Around 500 miles, or 800 km, of British Columbia (which is a part of Canada) will separate Alaska from Washington. Hence, this means that Alaska is not an exclave of the United States of America.

Alaska is often known as 'the Lower 48', too. It is often not included in colloquial use, in regards to not being a part of the US continent. The capital city of Alaska, Juneau, is actually situated on the North American continent mainland, however. The difference is, however, it is not connected by any roads to the rest of the North American highway system making the state very much an outsider of the mainland America.

Many Americans are also surprised when they find out that the state is actually bordered by Yukon Territory, too. It is also bordered by British Columbia, which is as mentioned an area in Canada. Alaska is also bordered by the Gulf of Alaska as well as the Pacific Ocean at the South. The Bering Sea, Bering Strait and the Chukchi Sea also border Alaska to the north. Many people joke about Alaska suggesting that it's populated by Eskimos, and this joke largely relates to the fact that the Arctic Ocean is only just north of the state.

Alaska is also the largest state within America. It is more than twice the size of Texas, which is the second largest state. Alaska is larger than all apart from 18 sovereign countries, too, making it an absolutely huge territory.
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Alaska lies in the North Western Hemisphere bordered by Canada in the west,  Russia in the east, The Artic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the South.
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Alaska is situated in the northwest portion of the North American continent.
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Alaska is a beautiful country as it has large number of forest in the country.
These forests are lush and green and very thick in nature. This country belongs to the North American Continent. This country has low tempratures most of the year, because it is away from the equator.
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Alaska is the 49th state of the United States of America. It is located to the northwest of the North American continent. It covers a total area of 663, 267 square miles or 1, 717, 854 square kilometres. That makes Alaska the largest state of the United States in terms of area. In contrast, it has one of the lowest populations (626, 932). It is ranked 47 in terms of population. Alaska was admitted to the United States Union on January 3, 1959.
Juneau is the capital of Alaska. Alaska and Hawaii are the only two American states not to be bordered by another state or states. Mount McKinley is the highest point in Alaska and the Pacific Ocean is the deepest point in the state. Alaska has probably derived its name from the Aleut word Alyeska, which means great country, mainland or great land. Anchorage is the largest city of Alaska.
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Alaska is located on the north western region of North America and is undoubtedly the largest state in the vicinity but the least populated one. The name is derived from Aleut Alyeska, meaning "great country". It is not bordered by any other state and belongs to United States. Canada lies to the east of Alaska and the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean to the south and in the northern part lays the Bering Sea, Bering Strait and the Arctic Ocean. The only medium of transport is via ship or by planes.

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska which is prime centre for hustle during the summers due to the large number of tourist cruise ships. The country also has 3.5 million lakes, marshy areas and permafrost covers. Frozen water forms into glaciers and envelops almost 16,000 square miles.

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