Where Is Brackley Located?


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Brackley is a town located in the South center of England. It lies within Northamptonshire towards the south of the county. It has a population of around 13,300 people.

It was traditionally a market town where lace and woollen goods were traded. The trade routes of Cambridge to Oxford and London to Birmingham intersected at the town. The town is now famous for its soap manufacturer Bronnley, located on the eastern outskirts, suppliers of soaps that are hand made for the Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales. The racetrack of Silverstone is also serviced in part by establishments based in the town.

Brackley castle which no longer exists was passed on and the Magna Carta was signed at Runnymeade by King John and the Barons instead. The town has some memorable buildings including a large Park on high street managed by the National Trust.

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