What Is The Important Contribution Of Shelter In Chemistry?


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Shelter contributes chemistry with a place and location wherein experiments can be done. Without the proper shelter and housing, chemistry experiments cannot be conducted. Chemistry on the other hand has also provided significant contributions to humankind.

• Chemistry helps us to understand many of the basic facets of our daily lives, such as cooking and cleaning. Chemistry allows us to understand what heat and cold can do to our food, and the proper temperatures required for us to cook food for it to be safely consumed without acquiring disease. Chemistry is also what helps us to know what causes food to rot and what we can do to preserve it. It is also important in cleaning, because the items we use at home for sanitizing our living spaces to make it habitable are made out of chemicals. These chemicals are found in our soap, household detergents, and disinfectants which we need to live cleanly.
• Chemistry is also important in medicine because without it, we wouldn't have access to the supplements and cures that plague us in modern life. The development and testing of medicine also relies partly on chemistry because it helps pharmaceutical companies understand what elements work well together to cure a variety of ailments, and which combinations would be lethal to human life.
• As everyone continues to try to live a greener lifestyle, chemistry plays a significant role in helping us understand more about pollutants and nutrients found in our surroundings. Some pollutants can have severe effects on our lifestyles, so we should understand how to eliminate these and make it more habitable not just for ourselves but also all the other living things.

Without chemistry, we wouldn't understand many things about how the world works. It helps us develop society and our communities to be more progressive, and live high quality lives.

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