What Is The Contribution Of Chemistry In Sports?


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Chemistry makes a surprisingly large contribution to sports ranging from golf to hockey. It is also of great importance to those into sports, in regards to which drinks are best to fuel our bodies when we exercise and get involved with sporting activities. Generally, people automatically opt for water with their exercising as it is proven to hydrate better than any other liquid known. However, specific sports drinks which are made solely for the purpose of boosting and sustaining your stamina whilst you are exercising can be your preferred choice, due to their sweeter tastes inspiring more consumption. They are also heavy on carbohydrates which are a great provider of fuel for the body to run on. Electrolytes, which decrease in volume when you sweat, are replenished with these drinks also, allowing your body to keep all levels balanced.

Chemistry itself is the study of matter and how it changes. This science of matter is also looked it in terms of physics, but this takes a much more general approach than the specifics of chemistry. Chemistry, instead, is more specialized, looking into the reactions, composition and properties of matter, including the study of different atoms and molecules. It also takes into consideration concepts of energy and entropy, with regards to the spontaneity of chemical processes.

There are many subtypes of chemistry that are studied, including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and then moving into physical concepts of chemistry, including quantum mechanics and analytical chemistry. There are many different avenues of chemistry that can be looked into, emphasizing the importance of science in schools around the world today. Science has made us what we are today and without it, we probably wouldn't be around anymore, due to illness and other misunderstandings of life.
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Oh yes, man is, in a sense, a walking chemical laboratory. I love to find some scientific stuff in a simple worldly life. For example, I read some useful article on sports equipment at, and here again - a little bit of biochemistry. And I immediately think: Yes, everything in the world is interconnected.

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