Who Are The Filipino And Foreign Scientist With Their Contribution In Chemistry?


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There are many notable Filipino chemists that have had an impact both at home in the Philippines and abroad, some in every day life, others achieving more obscure, although important feats in the world of science. Below are just a few of the important contributors to the field of chemistry:

  • Anacleto Del Rosario
Renowned as the 'Father of Filipino Chemistry', Del Rosario is most well known for finding a way to derive alcohol from Filipino Nipa Palm Trees, this discovery saw the young Anacleto, just 21 at the time, win first prize at the 1881 World Fair in Paris. Del Rosario was also responsible for helping improve Manilla's hygiene and sanitation in the city.

  • Carmen Llamas Intengan
In 1957, Carmen Intengan received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Contribution in basic nutrition research bestowed upon her for her dedication over the previous decade. A further 10 years on in 1967 she was given the FIDA 10 Outstanding Women Award as she was a prominent figure in improving the diet and nutrition of Filipinos.

  • Amando Kapauan
Born in 1931, Dr Kapauan is most famous for his work while he was in his 40s in researching the impact of heavy metals upon the environment, especially the effect of Mercury in soil, water and fish in the Philippines. Kapuan later turned his hand to inventing chemical instrumentation, and later still adapted the same instruments for compatibility with the incoming computer revolution.

  • Francisco Quisumbing
Francisco Quisumbing invented a quick drying ink that won't clog and is used every day in Parker Pens, called Quink Ink after its inventor Quisumbing Ink. This was later passed off by Parker as being an amalgam of the word 'quick' and 'ink'.

There are a number of other notable Filipino chemists that can be researched such as Francisco Fronda, Pedro Escuro, Gregorio Velasquez, Ernesto Del Rosario, Luz Oliveros Belardo, Emerita De Guzman, Francisco Santos, Alfredo Santos and Jose Rodriguez. Information on each is freely available on the Internet.
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