What Are The Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses With Drawing?


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It is understood that when you say uses with drawing you are meaning you wish to see drawings or pictures of the apparatus - as the laboratory apparatus do not have a great use with drawing.

There are actually hundreds of different apparatus that are used in the laboratory, therefore a brief outline of a few of the most commonly used will be provided.

• Gas tap

Gas taps can normally be found on the work benches of most laboratories and are the number one source of heat. The are usually fairly small and have a simple control to turn the gas on and off. They release a very pungent smell which is useful to detect if they have been left on by accident. Bunsen burners are usually connected to the gas taps which provides the desired heat and flame for many experiments to commence. You can view a picture of a gas tap at
• Bunsen burner

As mentioned the gas taps are normally used with a Bunsen burner. This apparatus is usually the source of heat for most experiments. It produces a vertical flame and can be used under beakers or test tubes to heat up the liquids and cause reactions. You can view a picture of a Bunsen burner at
• Test tubes

Test tubes are one of the most common instruments used for mixing liquids and causing reactions for experiments. They are usually very long, thin and made of glass. You can view a picture of a test tube at
• Pipette

Pipettes are used to transfer small amounts of liquid and can be used to drop the correct amount of a certain liquid into a test tube already containing another liquid. Pipettes are very small and look exactly like what rescue centers feed milk to their young animals with. You can view a picture of a pipette at
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