What Are The Laboratory Apparatus And Their Meaning And Functions?


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Laboratory apparatus will vary from lab to lab but can generally be categorized as containers, measures and transfers, support, safety and heating. Each of these categories are made up with a range of apparatus that have their own meanings and functions. This apparatus can be used individually and together to conduct experiments efficiently and safely.

• Containers - these can be used to store substances or to observe chemical reactions. Most laboratories will have beakers, flasks and test tubes that can all be used as containers. Most containers can be used with a stopper or lid to avoid dangerous spillages.
• Measures and transfers - for the most successful scientific experiments, a laboratory will need apparatus that can measure and transfer chemicals accurately. These measurements may be volume, mass or temperature, each of which requires an individual piece of equipment.
• Support - support apparatus is useful in experiments that are difficult to carry out with two hands. This equipment is used to hold other instruments in place and may come in the form of clamps, rings or wire gauzes, to name but a few.
• Safety - safety apparatus is essential to carry out experiments without causing damage to both the environment and the lab assistants. The laboratory room may have ventilated hoods to allow noxious gases to escape, while assistants can wear safety equipment such as coats, goggles and gloves.
• Heating - some scientific experiments require heat and there are a number of different instruments that can be used to provide it. Most commonly used is the Bunsen Burner. This a gas flame that can be adjusted and placed wherever it is needed.

While these are some of the most common and basic forms of apparatus available, high tech laboratories will have an abundance of complex and intricate equipment in use, each with its own meanings and functions.
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