What Are The Contribution Of Chemistry In Science?


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  • What is the Contribution?
Chemistry is a huge part of science and it is sometimes referred to as 'the central science'. Some argue that this particular form links the other forms of study together such as physics, biology and astrology. This is because chemistry is seen to be linked to all the other forms due to the fact that chemical reactions cause everything in the galaxy to be created.

  • Forms of Chemistry
There are around eight different types of chemistry that include the physical, material, inorganic and organic, nuclear, theoretical, analytical and biochemistry. They all aim to explain how reactions are made and what substances are created after these reactions has occurred.

  • How does it work?
As mentioned above there are so many different areas of chemistry that can be focused on and studies however, if you consider the bigger picture, the function of chemistry is to study how the universe is made up. It looks at the atoms and all the elements that react together and form to create the universe that we live in. In addition, people that study chemistry discover what happens when compounds, atoms and molecules are forced and mixed together. Moreover, scientists look into the intricate details of the atoms as well as their pH levels and their volume of acidity.
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