What Are The Contribution Of Violeta Arida In Chemistry?


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This particular invention actually related to a process that is used for the production of a slow-release form of fertilizer. This form of fertilizer uses rice husks, or the ash of, as well as dolomitic limestone and potassium salts as raw materials, and hence the product thereof.

The fertilizer product in question is also provided in granular form. The unique characteristic of it allows for single fertilizer application without fertilizer burns occurring. The controlled nutrient release rate found within the form of fertilizer is able to perfectly correspond to the needs of the plant that is being fed. There are currently tests of field application currently in progress.

If you want more detailed information about this invention then you'll no doubt find more information about this invention in your chemistry textbooks and source material. This appears to be a question that has come from academia, and when it comes to academic studies and questions then it's important to ensure that you use the correct information and correct sources to find out what you need. Using the Internet may provide you with some of the right answers, but other information could be irrelevant and not quite what you need. Indeed, the answers could be right but in the context of your course what you find could easily not be suitable. You may be required to only go to a certain depth in terms of information, and hence the information you use for your answer could either provide you with too less a mark or too high a quality answer.

All the information about Violeta Arida in regards to chemistry will be available in the source material and you should be perfectly capable of applying that information to the question you are asked in your exam.
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Viileta Arida is a chemist from the Philippines. Her major contribution is the development of a type of fertilizer derived from rice.
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The Contribution Of Violeta Arida In Chemistry is that he synthesis some compound.

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