Describe The Work Of A Chemist?


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  • Most chemists enter the field of research which can be used in the development of ideas to make the world a better place. Chemists can be employed in a huge variety of fields; everything on the planet has a molecular structure that requires some degree of understanding to manipulate effectively.

  • There are 6 main categories of chemistry which a chemist can explore after receiving the necessary qualifications. These are biochemistry, physical chemistry, industrial chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry. At an entry level, a chemist will work as a research assistant to a senior chemist or may work in quality control. The latter involves the analysis of chemicals, something a chemist should already have been trained in as part of their education.

  • A chemist's work will depend on which industry he or she is in and the type of research they are involved. Chemists are required in almost every field imaginable, from food science to space travel. Thus, it is not possible to list what they all do as the answer will obviously differ.

  • A chemist's research mainly centers around how matter reacts on an atomic level. They are interested in observing how the combination of different elements can give rise to different substances - substances perhaps not in existence before that point.

  • The work of a chemist can have far-reaching applications, not only in fields such as medicine, forensics and engineering, but also in our day to day lives. In fact, it is the chemist we can thank for the invention of synthetic fibers, cosmetics, and drugs. It is chemists who have discovered methods to develop products that can consume less fuel or run on alternative forms to reduce pollution.

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