Who Are The Foriegn Chemist?


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There are a huge number of foreign chemists who have all had influences, whether major or minor, on the modern day knowledge we now have of chemistry. Chemistry is a wide subject that covers a number of sub disciplines and to list all of the foreign chemists would be a difficult task. Some of the most influential foreign chemists include Lois Pasteur, Erwin Schrodinger and Otto Hann.

• Lois Pasteur. Born in France, Pasteur was a renowned chemist and microbiologist who made remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of diseases. He helped to reduce the number of deaths caused by puerperal fever and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. His surname may seem familiar as he was the chemist to discover the process of pasteurization.
• Erwin Schrodinger. The German theoretical biologist and chemist was one of the founding fathers of quantum mechanics and paid great contributions towards the fields of physics. This earned him the Physics Nobel Prize in 1933. He is best known for his worked carried out, after long term contact with friend Albert Einstein, with the Schrödinger's Cat Thought Experiment. His papers related to Schrodinger's equation created a revolution within chemistry, as well as in physics and mechanics.
• Otto Hann. A German chemist who pioneered the fields of radiochemistry and radioactivity. He is considered the 'Founder of the Atomic Age' and the 'Father of Nuclear Chemistry'. His most important discovery was that of nuclear fission and he was awarded a Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1944 for this achievement. Hann is regarded as a model of scholarly excellence and is one of the most influential citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany.

These chemists are just a handful of the numerous foreign scientists who have helped contribute towards the vast expanse of chemistry knowledge known today.

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