What Are The Contributions Of Rogelio Panlasigui In Chemist?


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Rogelio Panlasigui is a chemist who was appointed to the post of undersecretary for research and development of the Department of Science and Technology in the year 1999. This position enabled him to manage a large amount of activity at the government department.

Chemistry itself is the study of the science of matter and any and all changes it may undergo. This subject is also addressed to an extent in physics, chemistry takes a more specialized and in-depth look.  Chemistry itself is concerned with the behavior, structure, composition, and properties of matter as well as any changes they may undergo during chemical reactions.

There are many disciplines within the field of chemistry and just a few of them include inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because of the fact that it connects the other natural sciences such as physics, material science, biology, and geology. Chemistry has its root in alchemy, which was practiced for years in various parts of the world, in particular, the Middle East.

The structure of objects that we use in our everyday lives and the properties of matter that we commonly interact with are the result of the properties of chemical substances and all of their interactions. For an example, steel is harder than iron because of the fact that chemistry shows us that the atoms in steel are grouped in a more rigid structure. Wood burns and can undergo oxidation because it can react with oxygen in a chemical reaction when a certain temperature is reached. Sugar and salt will dissolve in water since they have molecular properties that are such that dissolution happens under ambient conditions.

Chemistry is one of the reasons that many places in the world have achieved a higher standard of life in the last several decades and will remain at the forefront of scientific research for the foreseeable future.

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