What Countries Are Hot In January?


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The ones that are not too far from the equator, especially the ones a bit south of the equator. Plus, within the country, only places relatively near to sea level will be hot. Up high in the mountains (think Kilamanjaro) it's quite cool, even in mid-summer.

Then there are a few places, such as the Sahara desert, which will be hot in the day but cold at night (in January).

In terms of places on the beaten tourist trail, try:

New Zealand (North Island)
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka
Lowland India
Ethiopia (away from the mountains, and allowing for cold nights in the deserts)
South Africa

If you just want somewhere that will have decent weather in January and not too far to travel from Britain, most people are satisfied with the Mediterranean Islands, such as Majorca, Corfu and Malta. Or a bit further afield, Canary Islands and Turkey.
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May I also recommend West Cork, Ireland. Situated in the couthern corner of Ireland, this is one of the warmest parts of the country at this time of year, primarily due to its extreme southern location, situating it closer to the equator than the rest of the country. This makes it an idyllic destination for travellers looking for a hot location during the otherwise cold months of the year.
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Well there are many websites where you can find the temperature of the different countries in a minutes just going to their website so you can check at this link
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In tropical areas; I mean southwards from the USA or Europe or Pakistan and Taiwan too, but northwards from South of Chile, even not Uruguay either, southernmost parts of South Africa and not including South of Australia and whole New Zealand either; you see, try any country not so far from Equator, this is, between the Tropics (Cancer and Capricorn), certainly in any continent.
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West Cork, Ireland is a popular tourist resort in January and the early months of the year. Due to its southern location, it is situated much closer to the equator than the rest of Ireland and is as such the warmest part of the country during these months.
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It is very cold in January, temperature can even reach extreme level like -2.2 degree celsius
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Usually January is one of the coldest parts of the year in all countries. Whether it be 20 degrees centigrade or minus 3 degrees centigrade, each country finds that January is usually one of the coldest parts of the year.
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It is quite cold. But sometimes has an okay day. What is quite warm. Although it could be absolutely freezing.

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