Where Is Dorset?


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Dorset (formerly also called Dorsetshire) is a county in England. It is located in the South West region of England. The neighbouring counties of Dorset are Devon to the west, Somerset to the northwest, Wiltshire to the northeast and Hampshire to the east. The administrative headquarters of Dorset is Dorchester. It covers a total area of 2, 653 square kilometres, which makes it the 20th-ranked county in terms of area. In terms of population it is ranked 20th in the country. Derbyshire has a population of 701, 900 according to a census estimate conducted in 2005. It is ranked 30th in the country in terms of population. The largest city of Dorset is Bournemouth, a unitary authority.

Some of the famous people born in or live or ever lived in the county of Dorset were the poet Thomas Hardy, the authors Robert Louis Stevenson and Douglas Adams, the singer Madonna and her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie, the scientist Robert Boyle and the inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee.
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It is a county in south-west England on the coast.
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Dorset is in south england. It is south of somerset and just below Puddletown

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