How Big Is Tasmania?


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Tasmania is an island state which is located in the south eastern part of Australia. According to the statistics recorded in 2005, the population of Tasmania is 484,700. The total land area is 26,383 square miles (68,332 km2). Its size in terms of area is almost similar to Ireland. It is found together with several other islands such as Bruny, King Island. Bass Straits severs it from the mainland of Australia. In 1853, this island was named in honour of Able Tasman. In 1901, it was united to Australia. Pacific Ocean is located towards the eastern side and Indian Ocean is situated towards the western side of Tasmania. The capital city is Hobart. Hobart is also the largest city.

The climate condition is different from that of the Northern Hemisphere. June to August is the season of winter, whereas summer is extends from the month of December to February. The maximum temperature during the winter is 12 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius during the summer.
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Tasmania's population hovers around 500,000, (currently about 512,000) with about half the population being centred in the capital - Hobart - other population centres are Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.

The total land area is 68,332 km2
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I believe new records have shown an increase in population, about 507,626. Aside from Hobart, Devonport and Lauceston are considered the main centres. Tasmania's pretty big. It's an archipelago with 300++ islands. And all these are breathtaking islands, mind you. :)

For more information about Tasmania, you might want to visit Discover Tasmania.
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I fink Tasmania is very big

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