Where Is Surbiton, Surrey?


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Surbiton is a town in the United Kingdom. It is situated in the English county of Surrey, in the south east of England. More specifically, it is part of Greater London.

Taking a step back, Greater London is the surrounding area of smaller satellite towns around the capital city of London. It consists of 32 boroughs and is home to around 7.7 million people. It has its own Mayor and the London Assembly in order to manage local government for such a substantial population base.

Surbiton is to the south west of Greater London. It is located in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames; the oldest of the three Royal Boroughs. The borough consists of Surbiton, Chessington, New Malden and Tolworth, as well as Kingston upon Thames itself.

The town does sit alongside the River Thames, and is a stop along the mainline into London Waterloo, as well as out towards the south coast and places like Portsmouth and Southampton. The town is 2 miles from Kingston upon Thames and between 11 and 14 miles from Central London.

Surbiton can be located on an Ordinance Survey map at grid reference TQ180673, and is under the Kingston postcode of KT - KT6 is Surbiton.
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Surbiton basically is an uptown region of London position in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, mainly populated by a combination of Art-Deco courts, large and majestic late 19th century houses merging into a sea of semi-detached modern day housing estates.

There is proof that there have been human settlements at Surbiton since the year 1179. Well-known Pre-Raphaelite artists John Everest Millais and William Holman Hunt came to Surbiton in the year 1851, twenty-six years prior to Richard Jefferies. Surbiton's foremost claim to recognition is as an icon of suburbia in British television programs like The Good Life, Stella Street, etc.

Surbiton has quiet a few well known drinking joints, but generally plays second fiddle to its larger neighbour Kingston upon Thames.
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Surbiton was formerly part of Surrey County, but has formed part of Greater London since the 1960s. Towns such as Surbiton, Kingston, Richmond and Croydon etc were all formerly part of Surrey but are no longer. Confusion arises as 'Surrey' is still unskillfully used in postal addresses to this day - though this is a persisting remnant from the past and is no longer accurate.

An accurate article concerning the history of Surrey County and it's historical relationship with London can be found here:
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Surbiton is district in South West London, England,in the borough of Kingston upon Thames in the county of Surrey. The river Thames runs by it and it is a popular commuter area. It takes roughly seventeen minutes to get from Surbiton into Central London. A settlement has existed where Surbiton is since the 12th Century AD.

Although it is a popular place to live, it has had many unpleasant recent incidents. Just this month Surbiton 1,700 tyres were dumped there, cars were damaged by someone throwing acid on them, a recent attempt to develop a Tesco in Tolworth, a local area of Surbiton has met with stiff resistance from locals. Conversely, the Royal Mail has apologised as they have closed Tolworth Post Office on the Broadway.

Surbiton hosts many lovely open green spaces and even many fish ponds, a number of leisure centres and excellent libraries.

Restaurant and cafe culture are an ever expanding way of life in central Surbiton.
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Surbiton basically is a suburb located in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. It is a customer town placed on the river Thames. The town has a combination of Art-Deco courts. There are many spacious and majestic 19th century town houses merging into a sea of manors and 20th century housing estates.

It is said that there were settlement here since 1179, and were known as Subertone, which according to old English means southern farmstead. Norbiton is placed towards the northeast and is divided from Surbiton by Hogsmill River. The town grew prosperous with the help of the Railway line which was started in the year 1838. It was initially known as Kingston, but was later renamed Surbiton to differentiate it from the Kingston bridge which was built later on the Shapperton subdivision line.

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