Where Is Godalming, Surrey?


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Godalming is located in the district of Waverley. Waverley is a borough located in the county of Surrey in England. Surrey is located in the South West England region. The town of Godalming is located at a distance of about seven kilometres south of the city of Guildford. It is situated on the banks of the River Wey. It is a town famous for being a stockbroker belt commuter town for London. It is also the place where one of England's most reputed educational institutions, Charterhouse School, is located. It has a population of 21, 103 inhabitants. Godalming is a town that has been in existence since the time of the Saxon rulers.

Some famous residents of the town of Godalming include Damon Hill (former Formula One racing driver), Edwin Lutyens (architect and designer of India's capital city, New Delhi), Peter Gabriel (musician and founder of the band Genesis), John 'Jack' Phillips (wireless radio operator on the Titanic), Aldous Huxley (writer) and Ben Elton (comedian).

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