Where Is Londonderry?


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Londonderry is the main city of the county of Londonderry in the North West of the province of Ulster, in Northern Ireland. The River Foyle that flows out into the Atlantic Ocean divides the city politically and geographically. The mainly Catholic population live on the 'City Side', whilst the Protestants live on what is called the 'Water Side'.

During the period known as the Troubles, Londonderry/Derry was a hot bed of republicanism and a strong base of operations for the IRA.

The city is famous for Bloody Sunday, which occurred on 30th January 1972, a civil rights march turned to bloodshed when the British paratroopers opened fire on demonstrators.

Disputes still rage regarding the official name of the city, with Unionists wishing to retain their links to Britain (think Londoned-Derry), supporting the name Londonderry, whilst Republicans, who wish for a united Ireland, prefer to use the name Derry which is closer to the original Irish name 'Doire'.

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