Does Music Affect Plant Growth?


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I have actually seen a video of an experiment someone did regarding music and plants. In this particular experiment, soft, pleasant music clearly made a difference in the plants growth. Also, they did another experiment....2 plants, 2 people, 2 rooms. They both watered the plant exactly the same and it had the same ventilation and sunlight. However, one person yelled and cursed and used foul language at his plant daily. The other person spoke softly and used words of encouragement, thoughtfulness and love. I am not kidding.....the plant that was spoken to nicely thrived beautifully, the other.....not so good. Amazing huh?
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I just did a science fair project on this topic. Suprisingly the different genre of music does affect the plants growth. The one that I played classical music to grew much quicker and taller the one I played rock to did not grow as well!
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Not unless you have it so loud that it causes the air around the plant to move. Which would shift oxygen and replace it with carbon dioxide rich air... Supporting photosynthesis in an otherwise stagnant environment. (if the plant is indoors)
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I don't know for sure. But people, fond of plants, told me they use to talk to their plants. In the early morning they sing to them and say lovely, kind words to them. I heard some people go outside their house to pray between crops, saying it results in better harvest.
So, it might be that sound or music affects plants in a positive way.
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I have no proof other than others saying soft music helps your plants and I have seen some beautiful plants and the owner say this is what has helped them...good luck

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