What Is Oral Cycle Communication?


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Oral cycle communication is simply a complex sounding term used to describe conversation. It can be defined as the cycle of communication that goes back and forth between two or more people. The term oral typically refers to conversation that occurs face to face or over the phone, i.e. Using your voice. In some cases, the phrase may be used to describe other forms of communication such as emails or written letters.

A conversation, or oral cycle communication, is typically classed as spontaneous and interactive. The spontaneity occurs due to the fact that a conversation typically occurs without any planning and is unpredictable. Any one conversant's response can change or determine the others next speech act. A conversation is interactive because each speech act within an oral cycle is dependent on the previous response and requires two or more individuals to interact.

Oral cycle communication is ideal for circumstances where two conversants want to exchange information or one wants to question the other in a timely and efficient manner. If permanency or reliability is required then a written form of communication may be better. Within a conversation there can be a number of classifications communication, these include topics, objectives and strategies.

A successful conversation is possible when both parties balance their contributions and include mutually interesting topics. These topics can be connections between the speakers or things that both have in common, i.e. Something that they can both relate to in some sense. Learning, forming friendships and relationships, as well as coordinating work all require conversation in order to be accomplished successfully. Having language and the ability to communicate in such a complex manner is what separates humans from any other species. This being the case, conversation is analyzed in great detail by sociologists. They study the language, organization and structure of oral cycle communication.
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The cycle of communication is the same whether written or oral. In brief, the order is source, message, encoding, channel, decoding and receiver. So if you say something you are the source, and the message is what you want to say. You encode the message, in other words you put it into words, and use your voice etc as a channel. The message is then decoded (understood) by the receiver.
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