What Are The Sources Of Rainfall In Pakistan?


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There are many sources of rainfall in Pakistan,I-e, monsoon , western depression, tropical cyclone, convection currents.but the monsoon and western depression are the biggest sources of rainfall. Monsoon winds blow from the bay of Bengal and after passing through the Bangladesh and northern INDIA THE ENTER IN THE northern areas of Pakistan and cause a huge amount of rainfall. The western depression winds blow from the Mediterranean sea and after passing through Iran and Afghanistan they enter in the western area of Pakistan and cause rainfall.
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Pakistan is a country of rich climate. Although most of the region faces fry weather but rainfalls are also quite significant in the country. The major source of rainfall is monsoon and western depression. Monsoon starts from the months of July to September whereas western depression starts from December to March. In these months, country faces heavy rainfalls all across the country's various regions. In the rains from December to March, southern regions receive heavy rainfall whereas northern regions usually receive heavy snowfall.
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1) monsoon winds
2)western depressions
3) tropical cyclones
4)relief rainfalls
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These are the most commmon sources! 100% sure about it!!!!!!!!!!
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It would have been great if you wrote a little description about all of them :) actually i wanted to know about convectional currents..

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