Stems Are Important Plant Structures Because They Are...?


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Stems are important to plant structures because they help in the growing of leaves, flowers and fruits. The stem generally helps the leaves to be positioned towards the light and also offers sufficient place for the flowers and fruits. It also helps in the circulation of fluids amid the roots and the shoots, which are present in the xylem and phloem. The stem also helps in storage of the nutrients. They also help in the production of new surviving tissue. The stem usually comprises of three main tissues namely, dermal tissue, ground tissue and vascular tissue. The dermal tissue covers the external facade of the stem and typically functions to waterproof look after and control gas swap. The ground tissue generally comprises of mainly parenchyma cells and fills in the region of the vascular tissue. It now and again functions in photosynthesis. Vascular tissue offers long distance transport and structural hold up. Nearly all or all ground tissue may be misplaced in woody stems.

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