Where Is Malabar?


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Malabar is a place situated in southern India. It is located right in the middle of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It constitutes of most of the northern half of the state of Kerala. The predecessors of today's Dravidian populace have resided this region since ages. It used to be a component of the ancient empire of Chera, succeeded by many other rulers.

The name is also used sometimes to describe the whole south-western coast, referred to as the Malabar Coast. The Malabar Coast constitutes the one of the wettest regions of India, because the Western Ghats interrupt the moisture-saturated monsoon showers.

Malabar is also made use of by ecologists to describe the tropical damp forests in south-western India.

The name of the region has its origins in the Persian language – Malay, meaning Malayalam, which is the language spoken in the region, and Bar, which simply means region.

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