How Many Portuguese Live In Angola?


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There are approximately 30, 000 Portuguese inhabitants living in Angola currently. Portuguese are the largest non-African population in Angola. There were many more Angolans of Portuguese descent living in the country until the early 1970's, but most of them left the country after Angola achieved its independence from Portugal in 1975, and many more emigrated during the civil war years.

Two per cent of Angola's population (which is estimated to be approximately 15, 941, 000 according to the census figures for the year 2005) is made up of mesticos. Mesticos are the Angolan people who are of mixed African and European descent.

One per cent of the country's total population is made up of white people, mainly those of Portuguese ethnicity. Under the Portuguese law, natives of Angola born in the African nation can also claim to have Portuguese nationality. The majority of white Portuguese inhabitants live in cities and towns along the Angolan coast.

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