Where Is Aden?


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Aden is the name of city which is situated in Yemen. Yemen is a country in the Middle East and its full name is The Republic of Yemen. The city of Aden is to the east of Bab-el-Mandeb, a strait and the name is translated to mean "Gate of Tears". This strait separates the continents of Asia and Africa. This city i.e. Aden is a place which has an ancient and natural harbour which is situated on the crater of an extinct volcano. It is now a peninsula.    Thus Aden is a port city and its harbour was once used by the ancient Kingdom of Awsan which existed during the 5th and 7th centuries. This city has several other small cities in itself like Crater-another port city, Little Aden-an industrial town, and such others. The city of Aden was the capital of the People's Democratic republic of Yemen until it was unified with Yemen Arab Republic. The Gulf of Aden is named after this city.

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