What Are Fungi? Also Define Algae In Detail ?


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Fungi are plants which lack chlorophyll and cannot manufacture their food. They obtain their nutrition either from other organisms on whom they live as parasites or as saprophytes by decomposing dead organisms. Fungi are composed of numerous thread-like structure called hyphae. In multicellular Fungi the hyphal filament consists of many cells.

Some of the fungi as yeast are unicellular and microscopic . Other fungi are large in size and visible with the naked eye. Mucor, Rhizopus, Penicillium and mushrooms are common types of fungi. During rainy season , umbrella like mushrooms commonly appear on dumps of debris and heaps of dung. These prefer hot and humid climate. They are saprophytes as they drive their food from decomposed dead bodies of other organisms. Fungi are important from economic point of view. Some fungi are useful. Penicillium is produced by them which is a famous medicine. Some take part in food production e.g. mushrooms.

Algae: Algae are the simplest plants and occur in both fresh and sea water. Except blue-green algae the cells of all other algal groups contain a nucleus. They manufacture their own food by photosynthesis since they obtain chlorophyll besides other types of pigments. Algae are both unicellular and multicellular.
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This information on the whole is useful but the definition is totally WRONG cuz fungi is not a type of plant,it has a separate kingdom even itz cellular structure is completely different !!! !!! !!! !!!

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