Why Does PH Effect Enzyme Activity?


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PH is an indication of the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution. PH can directly alter enzyme activity because it may change the shape of the enzyme. This is because there is a change in the chemical make up of the enzyme as bonds are made or broken.
When the shape of the enzyme changes, it is no longer specific for the kind of substrate it works on. The substrate molecule would not be able to identify it and thus would not attach to it. Therefore, there would be no reaction. Sometimes the pH may also change the structure of the substrate so that the enzyme does not recognize it (no binding and thus, no reaction).
Every enzyme operates best at different pH. Protease pepsin works best in an acidic pH whereas trypsin works in slightly alkaline conditions. A deviation from these conditions would lead to inefficient enzyme function because of the change of shape as I have discussed above.
The range of pH at which an enzyme works effectively is very narrow and different for most enzymes. The pH at which an enzyme has the highest rate of reaction is known as its Optimum pH.
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The effect of temperature is generally divided into three.too low temperature will cause the enzyme to be inactive, while to high (60 degree celsius) will cause the enzyme to be denatured, the phenomena when the structure of enzyme have been disrupted and caused it no longer functioning.
Temperature of 30 degree celsius is an optimum temperature for almost all enzyme. The enzyme work best and usually the rate or kinetic of reaction is higher at this temperature.

Optimum ph for enzyme really varies with the types of enzyme. Enzyme such as pepsin work best in alkali, renin works best in acid condition. And it really depend on the nature of the enzyme.

As the surface area increased, the rate of reaction increased. This is because more surface area allows the substrate to be reacted with more active site of the enzyme. And more enzyme-substrate complexes will be formed and hence increasing the product formation
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The enzyme's function gets disrupted and would not be able to perform effectively which denature the enzymes activity

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