What Is The Shale Found Above Coal Deposits?


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It is the material that was separated from the coal during the coals formation or was the material that covered the decayed organic matter in order for the coal to form. Since coal in a lot of instances is ancient forest that over centuries has decayed and formed deposits the shale is the separated material that was at one time part of the organic make-up or covered the organic matter in order for the coal to become coal. Like if a bog area suddenly dried up the wet matter would retreat in order to survive and the dried up matter would become the shale.
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Charlie L Hensley
It would have helped if the answer explained that shale is a sedimentary rock made up of fine grained clay. The soft shale rock is then formed when the underground coal burns. Soft shale rock,especially in Wyoming, is often incorrectally called scoria. This soft shale rock is usually shades of pink, red, or even orange. It is widely used as an aggregate for roads in coal rich Wyoming.
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I was attempting to be simple as explaining the inorganic matter withhout nutirent or life sustaining ability and the exact makeup of the rock was not the question.

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