What Is The Coldest Winter You Can Remember?


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According to our weathermen here, this is the second coldest winter on record and I am too young (I don't get to say that very often) to remember the first one.
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When I Lived In Upstate NY.. It Was 27 Below Zero For About 2 Days.. The Weatherman Said.. "98 Percent Chance Of Snow".. Then He Said It Could Be Too Cold To Snow.. It Did Snow; But The Snow Was So Powdery... We Got 9 Inches; But I Could Shovel It Real Easy Because That Stuff Is Like Powdered Sugar.. Lifting It Is Funny Because It Reminded Me Of A Room Full Of Drug  Traffickers Fighting Over Kilos Of Cocaine. It's All Crystally Because It's So Cold. . I Watch Cop Shows On TV So I Know How Much  A Kilo Of Cocaine Is.  I Love To Shovel It And Then Throw The Snow Up In The Sky To Watch It Fall. Yes I Had So Much Outerwear On That I Could Barely Move... When It's That Cold... Even Two Pairs Of Gloves Does Not Help..I Have  To Go In After About 20 Minutes Because My Skin Starts To Burn... I Made Slushies From The Crystally Snow Once
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I'm going with the blizzard of 1978.
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Merlin Paine answered
I think it was the winter of 1977...There were tee shirts that said I survived the winter of 77..
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Mark Brookshire answered
The year and day I was born. Georgia had the coldest blizzard in history here. HaHa.
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walter jedyk answered
Oh i believe here in thunder bay, ontario, canada 1997 was the very coldest.
It was even colder then white river, ontario  
for a complete month straight  well in the negatives well below zero.
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I was raised in Colorado, and in my opinion, every winter was worse than the one before. I hate winter, which is why I moved to balmy California as soon as I could.
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Flint, Michigan January 1971 it was 72 below zero and the last winter I ever lived in the snow.
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The ones I spent in the "Twin Cities" of Minnieapplepiss & St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) in the 1960s and 70s were a bit "too rugged" for me.
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Glad to know that you have also been there, Mate.
Keith Old
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No but I have heard it gets cold there.
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It was so cold in Minnesota one year, I'm told that the thermometer went nine feet underground.

One man in Duluth lit a match, and the FLAME froze.
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I went to Dehradun which is nearer to Delhi (our countries) capital, where i was travelling in a train in the night, my fingers got frozen so that i could not open my fingers loll. That was the worst chilly situation i had encountered loll.
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I have been here on this planet a long time and this has been the harshest winter I have ever endured, the most consecutive cold nights of freezing temperatures ever.

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