Which Is The Coolest Planet In Our Solar System?


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I think it should be Neptune (logically)

But I am sure that the temp you have provided is of Pluto who today is not a PLANET

Hope it Helps!!!
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Poor little Pluto. Out there freezing his tail off on the fringes of the solar system, not bothering anyone, and he gets demoted. :(
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Chris ???? answered
I suppose it would be neptune. (Judging by those who say that pluto is not longer a part of the planetary system).
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Pluto is a planet. It orbits sun like a planet, it it round like a planet and it is still a planet!
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Shefali Singhal answered
I think it's Pluto
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Neptune is the coolest planet
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Charming Gurl answered
I think that now PLUTO  is not a member of the solar system .
So the answer 'll be neptune.
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Shaun Dawson
Shaun Dawson commented
Pluto is still a member of our solar system, it is just no longer in the same classification as the other 8 planets. It has been downgraded to just a planitesimal. and is no longer a fully pledged planet.
Shefali Singhal
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My answer is not so wrong to be ratted as average.
Anonymous commented
If this is in answer to a school textbook question, I think I would check on when the book was published, since not too long ago, Pluto was still recognized as a planet. As such, what may have been correct then may not be technically correct now.
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paul williams answered
The furthest planet from the sun would be the coolest. Depending on what you believe or been told or whatever. Pluto is it if your situation deems it as a planet. If not then the answer would be neptune
gauri Profile
gauri answered
Pluto must be the answer if its still counted as planet (which I guess not)
so even I'll go for neptune after pluto!!!!
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