Explain five types of media through which data may be communicated?


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In these times of modern technological advancement, data can be communicated through a number of different media formats in a variety of different ways.

  1. Print.
    Print media is the traditional form of communicating data, whether this be through daily newspaper outlets, magazines or brochures. The media lives on today, but is becoming increasingly obsolete.

  2. TV
    TV naturally became the most popular way to communicate messages around the 1950's. The immediacy of things like television news meant that messages could be received much sooner than having to wait for the morning paper.
  3. Computer.
    The personal computer, more specifically the internet, meant that data communication became much more personalised and interactive, and people could look at exactly what they wanted, when they wanted.

  4. Mobile phone.
    As with the computer, but now data became portable. We no longer needed to be sat at home with a connection, this was all available on the go.

  5. Watch.
    The future of data communication is getting smaller and smaller, with interactive smart watches now meaning we don't even require a separate device from those fastened to our wrists to tell the time.

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