What Are The Different Types Of Communication?


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There is sign language, e-mail, singing, dancing, art, texting, making sounds, even just talking is a part of communication! If you have any more questions about communication, call me at 7142280197. Ask for someone named Amanda. I am an expert at communication!!!
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Ever since humans appeared on the earth, they

have used different means of communication.

But, the pace of change, has been rapid in

modern times. Long distance communication

is far easier without physical movement of the

communicator or receiver. Personal

communication and mass communication

including television, radio, press, films, etc. Are

the major means of communication in the

country. The Indian postal network is the largest

in the world. It handles parcels as well as

personal written communications. Cards and

envelopes are considered first–class mail and

are airlifted between stations covering both land

and air. The second–class mail includes book

packets, registered newspapers and periodicals.

They are carried by surface mail, covering land

and water transport. To facilitate quick delivery

of mails in large towns and cities, six mail

channels have been introduced recently. They

are called Rajdhani Channel, Metro Channel,

Green Channel, Business Channel, Bulk Mail

Channel and Periodical Channel.

India has one of the largest telecom

networks in Asia. Excluding urban places

more than two-thirds of the villages in India

have already been covered with Subscriber

Trunk Dialling (STD) telephone facility. In

order to strengthen the flow of information

from the grassroot to the higher level, the

government has made special provision to

extend twenty-four hours STD facility to

every village in the country. There is a uniform

rate of STD facilities all over India. It has

been made possible by integrating the

development in space technology with

communication technology.

Mass communication provides

entertainment and creates awareness among

people about various national programmes and

policies. It includes radio, television,

newspapers, magazines, books and films. All

India Radio (Akashwani) broadcasts a variety

of programmes in national, regional and local

languages for various categories of people,

spread over different parts of the country.

Doordarshan, the national television channel of

India, is one of the largest terrestrial networks

in the world. It broadcasts a variety of

programmes from entertainment, educational

to sports, etc. For people of different age groups.

India publishes a large number of

newspapers and periodicals annually. They are

of different types depending upon their

periodicity. Newspapers are published in

about 100 languages and dialects. Did you

know that the largest number of newspapers

published in the country are in Hindi, followed

by English and Urdu? India is the largest

producer of feature films in the world. It

produces short films; video feature films and

video short films. The Central Board of Film

Certification is the authority to certify both

Indian and foreign films.

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