What Are The Types Of Communication Barrier?


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There are a number of factors that can become barriers in the communication process.

  • One particular barrier is ability.
What I mean by this is your personal competence in communicating in an appropriate way with other people. This is key to the whole process of communication because if you do not have the ability to form ideas or to use a relative method of interacting with someone, then the process is barred.
  • Perception
Perception is a vital component of the communication process because it allows you to perceive other people that you may be communicating with. This perception will tell you how to interact with different types of people and if you don't have this component you may not be able to communicate correctly.

  • Language.
This can be a huge barrier if you cannot speak the same language as another person. It is important to understand the meaning of words so you are aware of what is being expressed to you, so then you will be able to respond appropriately.

  • You can sometimes be given too much information.
They say that your brain can only remember seven things at one time so if you have an overload of information, you may not be able to process everything and take any more information in.
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Physical Barriers
Lack of Credibility
Language Barriers
Gender Barrier
Lack of Common Experience
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Here are the types of Communication Barrier(s) in no particular order

(1) Interpersonal Communication
(2) Psychological
(3) Semantic
(4) Mechanical
(5) Perception & Fillers
Actually, there are many types of communication Barriers everyday around us.
Those I've listed are namely some of the categories. I helped! (:

God bless~
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1.Physical,external or mechanical barrier
2.Semantic & language barrier
3.Socio-psychological barrier

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