What Are The Different Means Of Communication And How Best We Could Explain In Terms Of Utilization In The Business World?


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Communication is actually a two way process which involves imparting information by a sender to a receiver by using a medium. Different means or media can be used for communication such as:

- Newspaper
- Radio
- Television
- Internet
- Billboards
- Mobile phones

Each of these modes of communication has its own benefit for the company. Newspapers and Television, being the conventional modes of communication are considered as the most effective means of communication. They help in reaching a broader audience all around the world. On the other hand, Internet has also gained importance as a communication means recently. It is very interactive and relatively cheaper also. Radio can also be effective if targeted and used properly.

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Different means of communication. According to you which is the fastest means of communication and why ?
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The exchange of information and iedas encourages co-operation and harmony among people,
bussinesmen and countries

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