Why Need Communication?


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The foremost reason to communicate to others for the human beings in particular is their own survival. There is hardly any sense in believing that a person can all alone live a life by fulfilling its daily life needs. The fact is that every next moment a person is dependent on others to survive. Hence it is inevitable for all of us to bank on communication.

There is a very genuine instinct in all the living creatures to cooperate with each other to keep the cycle of life running. Humans need this more cautiously as to keep their hard felt sense of superiority.

Feeling of keeping a range of relationship from an individual to family and tribe was strong from early days of human civilization. It would have been extremely difficult to promote a life style without acknowledging the relationships among people living together for sometime. Communication was essential to identify relations among people to accomplish different tasks.

Communication proved handy in the course of persuasion and influence others to keep the human civilization grow. The task is done even today, though, with different techniques and in a rather complex world of communication.
Better communication helped people and tribes to command power over others. This phenomenon is more evident in the fields of conflict and to bring the enemy down. To muster support by using better communication skills has always been the hallmark of human interactivity.
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Communication is the base of any society , without communicating no person can survive in a society . Without communicating no one can understand the nature of any person. So, communication is like roots of our society.- Sugandha Kaushal.  
So communicate
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Communication knowledge is a development by which in order is exchanged between or amid individuals through a common system of cipher, signs, and behavior. As a process, letter has synonyms such as expressing approach, converse, tongue, resultant, characters, listen and exchange. People communicate to satisfy needs in both their effort and non-work lives. People want to be heard, to be respected and to be wanted. They also want to accomplish tasks and to attain goals.

Obviously, then, a major point of communication is to help people feel good in relation to themselves and about their friends, groups, and organizations. For true communication, there ought to be a transmission of thoughts, ideas and feelings beginning one mind to another. However, human language is very different from lodge communication. Communication is a process with the purpose of allows people to exchange information by one of more than a few methods. There are aural means, such as speaking or singing, and nonverbal, bodily means, such as body language, mark language, paralanguage, touch or look at contact.
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Communication is the best part of our lives.without communication,people were  nothing,they were all alone,so alone....Over time, technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. These technological advances revolutionized the processes of communication.
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We need comunication because need for inclusion , need for affection, need for control, need for self need for understanding need for organisation goal
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It is the act of getting a sender of the message and a receiver of the message and the receiver of the message turned together for a particual message or a series of message.

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