Why Does Earth Spin About Its Own Axis ?


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Earth has magnetic field with North & South poles. Earth rotates on its axis and the axis of rotation is different from the magnetic poles. I feel this difference causes force for earth to rotate on its axis. The principle applies to all planets in our solar system. Moon doesn't have magnetic field and therefore doesn't rotate on its axis

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Utkarsh Bajpai answered
Earth is a celestial body in the universe and Infinite no. of forces act on it . The sun and all the other planets exert a force on the earth. Due to all these forces the earth gets a rotatory movement about its own axis.

Similarly if any spherical body which experiences no gravity will float and if any two paralell forces act upon it in opposite directions will rotate it about its own axis. Same phenomenon occurs in the case of earth and also other celestial bodies also.

Sir . Albert Enstien has proved the above fact with his experiment by using the highly magnetised material.

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