What Is South East Of Canada's Climate?


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South east Canada has a wide variation in climate in weather.

Quebec, for example, is a huge state, but in the southern part of the state where the bulk of the population lives, the weather is pleasantly continental. Summers - June to August - are hot, which contrasts starkly with winters which are often very wet turning to cold and snowy.

Central Quebec, meanwhile, enjoys colder winters and shorter cooler summers, while in the far north severe Arctic weather with a freezing winter and permafrost are the norm.

Winter in south east Canada can be five months in the south to as long as eight months in the north, averaging between 14 and -13ºF (-10ºC and -25ºC).

Today in Montreal, for example, the weather forecast is for light snow with temperatures as low as -14C and a windchill factor of -23C.

In general, then, south eastern Canada enjoys a humid continental climate with warm, humid summers and long, cold winters.
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