What Is The Climate In The Jungle?


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The world’s jungles can have some of the most stunning and yet hostile environments ever.  Jungles are usually extremely hot and humid, meaning that the air is very difficult to breathe in.
The term jungle is used to describe an area of dense undergrowth in a tropical area and they usually exist in areas with high humidity and temperature. Jungles are mostly located in South East Asia, large parts of Central and South America, and large areas of Equatorial Africa and Northern Australia. Europe and the United States do not have jungles because of their colder Northern climate. Because jungles are usually located close to the equator, seasonal variations in temperature are uncommon, however some areas do experience distinct dry and wet seasons with daily torrents of rainfall being extreme and bringing extra hazards that the jungle already presents.
Dense jungles cover undeveloped river basins like the one that exists in the Amazon in Brazil, South America. They may also contain areas of swamp and mountainous areas that can reach over 3,000 metres above sea level. These high altitude jungles are still very wet but can also have a more temperate climate, sometimes even reaching freezing temperatures at night.
The extreme conditions that are presented by jungles can really put an enormous strain on the human body.  Despite the humidity, dehydration is a very regular and serious problem and although water is plentiful, clean water is not easy to find. Tropical jungles have a deadly reputation for depleting the body’s fitness of less experienced people through malnutrition and dehydration. The jungle setting can also have psychological effects on a person as the dense canopy of leaves above can create a dark setting that seriously affects motivation and the hundreds of sounds that are constantly going on around you can be very disturbing for those who are not used to it.
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The Jungle often features Hot climate. Though it is normally characterized by frequent rains even then the humidity level is high and the weather remains hot.
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Its Tropical.

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The climate of a dense forest or jungle is usually a hot climate. A jungle today maybe referred to as a rainforest.

The word jungle is derived from the Persian word 'Jangle'. It was used only after the take-over of the Indian subcontinent by Nader Shah. It was the referred to as a place that was wild, untended or uncultivated land, including forest, scrub, or desert landscapes.

A city development today is referred to as a concrete jungle. As a forest biome, "jungles" are today in both equatorial and humid climatic zones, and are connected with preclimax phases of the rainforest.

Some of the famous associations of Jungle in western culture are : the fanciful jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, and Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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Hot and overcast by trees

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