Why Does Aloe Vera Help Digestion?


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Aloe Vera is often used as a digestive aid, but in reality its main function is actually to help regulate the bowels. Its main function is to lubricate the bowel and soften stools. Consequently the stools pass through the bowel more easily.
Its taste is particularly strong and not to everyone's liking, so it can be bought ready mixed with other, more palatable juices, or it can be bought in tablet form. However, many herbalists/healers indicate that the tablets are not quite so effective as the juice (but they taste an awful lot better).
Aloe Vera has enjoyed something of a revival in recent years and is now widely used not just as a digestive aid, but also in many beauty products, such as shampoos and conditioners to moisturisers.
It is even sometimes used in fabric conditioners, where it is claimed that it assists in softening the fibres of fabric.
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You should buy George's Aloe Vera Juice. It looks and tastes exactly like water- no joke. If I put two glasses-one of water, one of the juice and blindfolded you - you would not be able to distinguish between the two. I was reluctant to try it until the person persuading me told me that it looks and tastes just like water.

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