What Is The Biggest Island In The World?


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Greenland at 2.1 million square kilometres (822,706 square miles) is the largest island in the world.

Australia is 7.6 million square kilometres (2.9 million square miles) - over three times as large - but is generally regarded as a continental landmass rather than an island. Due to this designation, Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

A self-governing region of Denmark but officially part of the North American continent, Greenland is substantially larger than its next nearest rival, New Guinea which extends to 785,753 square kilometres (303,381 square miles).

In total, there are only six islands on Earth which are larger than 250,000 square kilometres.

The island with the largest population is Java in Indonesia, with a population of over 124 million people. Honshu in Japan is second largest with a population of 103 million, while the UK with a population of 57.1 million is third largest in terms of inhabitants.

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